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The side room at Pacha was the greatest discovery, with Manchester’s Sean Campbell documenting the last 10 years or so of dance music to a rapturous response. It’s nice to see the Balearic spirit is still here. We were in Majorca when somebody jokingly threatened to throw Jeremy Heaty into the sea. 59.00/1 8.300/$ 5.25 Heavenly Summer '96 July 29 Monkey Mafia featuring Patra Work Mi Body HVN532x127cd features original mixes plus remixes by Ceasefire anti Bobby Konders " deser\'es to he a huge hit - and very deservedly single of the week" John Stapleton. Digs, Woosh & Royski, Century Falls & Sensory Productions The Sound of Something Happening MOST people think we’re mad. Mixmag Update August 5 Live at The Social Volume 2 Mixed by Jon Carter (Monkey Mafia) HVNLP15cd/mc part two in a series of exclusive mix cds / tapes from the Heavenly Social “ acid house ragga sex music" -Loaded also available Volume 1 mixed by The Chemical B’Others August 12 High In A Basement House Sounds from the UK Underground HVNLP14cd/lp/mc featuring tracks from Idjut Boys. A magazine run by hardened clubbers, for hardened clubbers, ignoring the quiet option and choosing to spend its summer holiday in Ibiza and Majorca. Ibiza is the perfect place to witness developments in dance music. Join us for this fun, comfortable, and safe evening of mixing it up with interesting, eclectic and eligible singles.

I had done Brief Dating twice previously and she had twice.

And if you didn’t hear the “Ibiza Weekend” on Radio One, then you missed one of the funniest events of the season. Brian Norman frys the phat at the SOUL KITCHEN (The Beachcomber.

Pete Tong hammering out anthems at Cafe Del Mar with yobbo clubbos yelling, “Go on, Pete, large it”.

I speak pretty confidently when I say that it was love at first sight (for both of us). Thank you for coordinating such a fantastic way for people to meet." Catherine (Note: Joe and Catherine are now married and have a child.) "I was encouraged to try Brief Dating about 8 months ago after witnessing my friend's success with your event (she met and married a great guy).

So keep up the good deed......." Glenn "I am now engaged to be married to Joe, who I met through Brief Dating last December. Like my friend, I also met someone wonderful on my first try.

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Whatever the faults, we certainly had a great time. i pcmagazines VI tom tn rutilntt t ' Distribut'd by Mdikctforcc Cover picture: Vincent Mc Donald This picture : Jamie B Aquapark Party, Majorca ihva IK voted Music Magazine Of The Year (ITC Awards) 44 SGCRGT KNOWLGDGG A boy, a girl and a funny bunny. 56 PGTG TONG To stop our editor shouting at us, we packed him off to Radio One to annoy the man who brings us 'The Essential Selection'.

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  1. In 2013, only 10 percent in that age group used online dating. adults overall have used dating sites or apps, a slight increase from 11 percent in 2013. For people who have never been married, 30 percent have used online dating.) Stanford University professor Michael Rosenfeld wrote in a 2012 paper that the Internet could be helpful for people in “thin” dating markets, ones with relatively fewer options for possible partners in their regular life.

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