Netflix instant queue not updating

Posted by / 14-May-2018 01:45

A source tells Deadline that that the number of expiring titles is closer to 1,000, rather than the 2,000 figure floating around online.

Meet My List, a place for you to collect all of the titles you’ve found and enjoyed on Netflix.

However, if you don’t like the look of your list, you can go in and manually change the order, etc.

But the less you use it, the further down on your screen it drops, so don’t be neglectful.

Good video quality, no complaints there, but recently we've lost the ability to browse movies on the TV.

The only tab that shows up is the one for our Instand Queue.

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My List will appear as a row or gallery on your homepage, with the titles Netflix thinks you’re most likely to want to watch at the beginning of the list.

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