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Maine cop dating

Students must complete the 40-Hour On-line Law Enforcement Pre-Service Training Program.Students must complete the MCJA application for the MCJA LEPS Phase I and send it along with the made payable to Treasurer, State of Maine to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy at 15 Oak Grove Road, Vassalboro, Maine 04989.The Chief Law Enforcement Officer will have to sign a notarized MCJA Form stating the officer has completed the 80 hours of supervision to his or her satisfaction.Upcoming Law Enforcement Pre-Service Courses: Phase 1 can be done online at any time and is now available.If you have not received your request within 3 weeks, please contact the State Bureau of Identification. When a criminal history record and juvenile crime information record check is processed by the State Bureau of Identification using personal identifiers such as name and date of birth, it is possible that the record supplied belongs to another person with the same or essentially similar name and birth date.Assurance that the person named in the record and the person sought are one and the same requires verification through fingerprint comparison.Students will be given a Log-In and Password to complete the training.

In addition to the changes in the curriculum, the Maine Criminal Justice Academy has also prepared a certification process to become a part-time law enforcement officer.

It is possible that a spam filter on your email account may prevent you from receiving the email containing the link to your criminal history request once it has been processed.

Please check your 'spam', 'junk', or 'bulk' mail folders and set up your account to receive mail from '[email protected]'.

Students will be responsible for the following: Title 17A (Maine Criminal Law) & 29A (Maine Traffic Law) are required and may be purchased through your college book store or directly through Swan Island Press, email [email protected]

For purposes of this class you may use older versions of these books.

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Complete the Phase I application and send it to the academy with payment and include your college transcript if required.

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