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Workbooks(1) refers to the workbook that was opened first. This is the number of workbooks that are currently in the Workbooks collection. So using it as the Index gives us the last workbook that was opened Using the index is not really useful unless you really need to know the order. You should use the workbook name with Workbooks() instead.Workbooks(2) refers to the workbook that was opened second and so on. Sometimes you may want to access all the workbooks that are open.(The code below is taken from this Stack Over Flow entry) This code is fine is most situations.However, if the workbook could be currently open in read-only mode or could be currently opened by another user then you may want to use a slightly different approach.An easy way to deal this with this scenario is to insist that the file must be closed for the application to run successfully.You can use the function below to simply check is the file already open and if so inform the user that it must be closed first.This post provides a complete guide to using the VBA Workbook.

Of course, having to manually open a workbook before running a Macro, defeats the purpose of automating tasks. The following VBA code opens the workbook If you are opening a workbook as Read-Only, it doesn’t matter if it is already open.Immediate Window from the menu( Shortcut is Ctrl G) You can also use an Index number with Workbooks().The index refers to the order the Workbook was open or created.This can happen for the following reasons If you cannot resolve the error then use either of the functions in the section Finding all open Workbooks.These will print the names of all open workbooks to the Immediate Window(Ctrl G).

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However, if you’re going to update data in a workbook then it is a good idea to check if it is already open.